Meeting the water of life

Meeting the water of life

Agnieszka Stalkoper talks to Zdzisław Oszczęda, researcher of water properties, founder and president of Nantes, a company producing plasma water.


Agnieszka Stalkoper: What does the name NANTES mean?

Zdzisław Oszczęda: This is an abbreviation of the name of the company Nano Technology System. It is also quite coincidentally the name of a city in France.

A.S. Where did the interest in water come from?

Z.O. I have been dealing with water since 2007, when two scientists from Ukraine, from Belarus, “got me” on this project. Until then, I didn’t realize the potential of water, I was “turned on” by the information that water can heal cancer, so I went in this direction to check it out. I had to spend a lot of money on it, from various sources, from loans, from grants, leasing, all kinds of financing, to do this research. It was very difficult at first. Later, it was easier when I met prof. Dr hab. Piotr Tomasik (a world authority in the field of chemistry). These 17 years are still research and the effects that can be achieved with such water exceeded my expectations. The research was not only about cancer, because it turned out that plants grow much faster, animals are in better condition, do not get sick, cosmetics are better absorbed. Miracles happen through this “smaller” droplet of water, because wherever plasma water enters instead of ordinary water, miracles are happening.

A.S. What is the origin of name the : plasma water?

Z.O. Scientists accused us that nano water is not measurable. This is partly true because the water is moving all the time. Water has energy and vibrates. It is not as we think water “stands” in a glass of water. Its particles are vibrating all the time. To compromise and not to use the name nano, we called our water: plasma water, because obtaining it is based on the plasma phenomenon. My problem with science was that all their research and remarks were related to phenomena occurring in the atmosphere, while we run our processes in a vacuum. And this is a different story, completely different phenomena. I had to convince a dozen or so scientists that what we obtained was true, and it worked. They are fascinated, they write works on this topic. Hence so many publications to prove how plasma works.

A.S. Is it important what water we drink?

Z.O. The mission of saving the world is still in me, because people are not aware of the environment in which they live. They do not realize that they themselves are one big bag of water, that the world is water, there is no life without water.

I try to show, pay attention to the surroundings, because even without our plasma water, without this billionth particle of a drop, you can improve your life, but you have to define where we live, what we drink, what surrounds us, and only from this definition we can draw some conclusions. Water is omnipresent in our lives, thanks to it we can function, but most people do not realize what water is supposed to be like? Some people think that all they need to do is turn on the tap or buy water in a store. Yes, but then they either live shorter lives or get sick, because they have not defined the environment in which they live, and this is very important, because what we eat, what we breathe, what we drink means that we either live a long, peaceful and healthy life or prematurely we die often ill. Therefore, I would like to tell people how to use water.

A.S. We had already talked about plasma water before and found out that it is different from other waters. It is created in a specific device, which is a reactor, a cold plasma vacuum chamber, which causes that when water passes through this chamber, it changes its properties. By exposing ordinary water to plasma, we break a drop of water into a billion droplets. At this point, a specific form of oxygen appears in it, which incredibly hydrates our body, our cells, provides us with life energy, bringing our body to homeostasis, balance, which can allow the body to perform natural functions, to self-regulate.

As you mentioned, you also need to work on every level that our environment consists of, i.e. how we live, how we nourish ourselves, how we hydrate, and even how we think, how we deal with our emotions, stress. . In all of this, water is a very important factor. Water can be a solvent, a carrier that transports micronutrients and an oxygen transport to cells that provides us with incredible energy.

The topic of water interests me very much, because I have understood long ago how important for our health is maintaining balance in the environment and how important are the factors that affect this environment, and how important, a key element for our health is water and how important is education in the environment. this direction, how should we hydrate?

In order for us to be healthy, to have a good environment, we need to raise our life energy and many factors can help us in this. It can be proper breathing, breathing exercises (deep, conscious breathing), good living food, contact with nature, specific exercise, and of course good water. If we take care of all of this, our life energy rises and everything auto-regulates in our body and in our lives, and we get an “energy kick”. Will you agree with me?

Z.O. A man is one big walking power plant, he lives as long as his cells provide energy, and to generate this energy, oxygen is needed, among other things. When they get it, that’s what happens. As a curiosity, horses that drink our water win runs not because their wings grew, but because there is better oxygen transport to their cells. The swimmers I know who break records have more energy and better flexibility of tendons, the more their fins do not grow, their organisms are more efficient thanks to proper oxygenation.

For such a phenomenon to take place, we must provide energy. We remember that water is a molecule, a small battery, and this “little energy” enters the cell, the cell further processes it and charges the battery, that is us. Thanks to this, we have a greater reserve of energy and “carry” us. It is different in sick people. This “little energy” allows the cells to be nourished, the body starts to wake up and straighten its “tangled paths”, inflammation arises. A healthy cell, being well oxygenated, gains strength, the sick one dies.

Wherever we use plasma water, this phenomenon is noticeable, plants are healthy, grow faster, do not need so many fertilizers. And how fast, lush and healthy lavender began to grow in our fields surprised even me.

By the way, I cordially invite my compatriots from the USA, who will be in Poland in the summer to Mierzwin near Bolesławiec for the Nantes Lavender Bazaar. Lectures, lectures, live music, producers of healthy food and original products. Meetings will be held on August 14 and 28, September 11 and 25, and October 9 and 23.


A.S. Thank you for all this information.

Water you don’t know

Water you don’t know

All scientific studies state that a healthy person should drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day. The only question is: what water? This question is answered by Zdzisław Oszczęda, president of NANTES

You have something in life that is only given to a few?

It is a great feeling, but also a great responsibility, to be aware of an invention that can change people’s lives: to improve their health, support treatment and, in a certain sense, improve their standard of living. I can help if I reach out to people and make them aware of the importance of my patent.

Water is omnipresent in our lives. But do we really know everything about water?

As a seemingly simple and long recognized substance, it constantly surprises scientists with its properties. It is a unique matter. It has not been fully explored so far. Its secret lies, among other things, in its macrostructure. The structure of liquid water resembles a liquid crystal. Its structure is commonly varied by temperature changes and the application of pressure, thus achieving the intended properties of the water. However, the options in this regard are limited. At Nanolaboratory Nantes in Bolesławiec and at Stomadent, we have been researching nanotechnology for several years. One of the results of these studies is water with a changed structure, which we call “Nanowoda”. Later studies have shown that the nanowow particles are larger than nanometric. The name Nanowoda, however, remained a trade name, although it is not related to the physical characteristics of Nanowoda. At present, we also use the term “plasma water”.


Water before declasterization
Water before declasterization



Water after declasting


How did it all start?

This invention would not have been possible if a few years ago I had not met two people who infected me with a passion for nanotechnology. Thanks to them I found out for myself what Nanowoda can do and how extraordinary the results of using it can be. For centuries, water has been a natural medicine, treating various diseases and maintaining normal homeostasis in the body. This is the basis of proper functioning. Ionic balance disturbances and an excess of free radicals mean that the apoptotic mechanism in cells ceases to function and, instead of replacing cells with damaged code, their uncontrolled replication occurs. Nanowoda, that is our plasma water, turned out to be an excellent solvent, an excellent “transporter” of substances dissolved in it to the cells, and a kind of “medium” that cleanses the body by removing damaged cells. I decided to invest in a solution whose potential seems unlimited. This is how the Nantes company was founded.

Was your invention appreciated?

In recent years, I have put a lot of effort, work and money into documenting the potential of nanowoda and nanotechnology, and to make the results of our research useful and easily accessible to everyone. This period was not just a success story. I also experienced a brutal reality: bouncing off official barriers, walls of distrust and suspicion, and fighting the absurdities of Polish law, which sometimes prevent real innovation and development. However, over time, all these adversities were relegated to the background thanks to solid work and obtaining specific facts confirming the importance of our invention and its effectiveness. In recent years we have proved that plasma water can help and our primary goal is to use it to help people. That is why we not only provide the results of our work, but also the Nano-tube itself. If someone who is skeptical wants to research it on their own or has a new idea for using it, we invite you to cooperate, because the potential of this invention is unlimited.

How is Nano-tube made?

We change the macrostructure of water by treating it in a low-temperature plasma reactor. This gives the water properties unique to nature. Among the many recommended and reported in the literature ways to make drinking water healthy, it is proposed to drink water from melting ice, and even better from glaciers, drinking water aerated, and even saturated with oxygen. Certain physicochemical studies of the structure of such waters confirm their difference from normal drinking water which is used every day, but at the same time these studies confirm that such waters quickly lose their specific properties, becoming similar to ordinary tap water.

Plasma water that we produce is the so-called declustered water, i.e. water in which the plasma we use destroys the macrostructure of ordinary water. Due to the presence of air, oxygen and / or mineral salts in such water, a new structure is formed from the declustered fragments of water, the so-called clathrate structure. Clathrates, such specific cages made of water molecules, are stabilized by the components contained in the plasma water. The structure of such water resembles the structure of water formed from melting ice, but unlike the latter, it lasts for months, can withstand heating to boiling even in microwave ovens, it can be dissolved in alkalis, mineral salts and detergents without fear of decomposition. Our NanoWater is broken down only by acids, especially strong inorganic acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric and nitric acids.

We’ve also mastered how to get these parameters to suit different nanowater applications. We transform Nanowater for cows to drink differently than for medical research. Nantes cosmetics contain slightly different Nano-water, vegetables are watered differently. Depending on its purpose, the plasma is exposed to distilled or deionized water, mineralized water (including tap water) or highly mineralized water.

Interviewed by Hanna Kielich-Rainka

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